Eliminate your energy bill
 and save more.      

Let iBakin Solar get you the best deal on your home solar installation. We are the nations best solar brokers.

Save Money

By installing one of our custom solar systems you can produce enough energy to power your entire household, leaving you with nothing but a small meter fee every month.

Eco Friendly

By switching to clean, more affordable energy but you are also promoting the decrease use of oil and lower the pollution. Help preserve the environment go green!!

Net Energy Metering

Solar panels convert sunlight to electricity. Electricity that is not immediately used is put back into the power grid. The utility company credits the customer for this surplus energy.

Our Solar Energy Solutions

Long gone are the days of needing to pay full price for your energy bill. But, switching to solar energy in Las Vegas is more than just saving money though. It’s also about making an environmentally conscious choice that will benefit your community, planet, and wallet in the long term. Here's what we do:

Residential Solar

Lower or eliminate your electric bill, and increase the value of your homes.

Commercial Solar

Lower your business' operating costs and get larger profits for your company.

Custom Solar

Need something else? From schools to complete solar farms we can do it all.

Save on your energy bill.

iBakin Solar is a full service solar installation company, we work with the best solar companies in the country to help you save thousands and get the most out of your investment.

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We are a local company that puts our community and its needs first. We identified the emerging solar market in 2018 and moved into residential consulting for solar installations. Now we are one of the largest solar install companies in the valley.

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